Understanding the Card Ranking System in Poker

Being a successful Poker player will mean that you have a basic understanding of the card ranking system in the game. The poker hand always consists of five cards in each hand. You want to always strive to reach the highest hand possible to provide you with more of a chance to win the hand. The ultimate hand that you want to strive to achieve is the Straight Flush. This is five consecutive cards of the same suit. If you have an Ace in the hand then you will have an Ace high Straight Flush. This means that if one of your opponents also has a straight and their high card is only a Jack then you will win the hand, due to the highest card in the flush. A Royal Flush is a sequence of cards of the same suit such as Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. They must be in sequence to create a royal Flush.

The next highest card ranking is the Four of a Kind. If you have four eights and an Ace, then you will have four of a kind with an Ace high. These are also sometimes called quads. The Full house consists of five cards, three of the same rank and two of another rank. This is also called a Boat. If you take some time to learn the ranking system you will only understand more of the games play. The Straight is five cards of consecutive ranks. These cards are not of the same suit. You can have a high or Low straight. This is based upon the numbers of the face cards that are in your hand. If you have a Low Ace Straight this is also called a wheel.

If you have three of the same face cards, then you will have a three of a kind. They are called trips or triplet. If you have two pair of cards of different suits then you will have a Two of a kind. This would consist of the following, 3-3-4-4-8. You will have two pair with eight high. If another play also has two pair, then the winner will be determined by the highest face card value. Sometimes you will have nothing. That means exactly that, you do not have any cards that can be counted as anything productive in the game of poker.

General rules that apply are high hand type beats low hand types. It is possible for the hand be ruled as a tie. In that case the jackpot will be split equally between both declared winners. Before you join a game be sure that you understand what variation of poker game will be played and what the stakes are set for. If you have a group of individuals that you play with the standards have probably been already established from previous games. If you join a game it will be assumed you are accepting the set terms of play.

Technology Consulting: What’s It All About?

A new stream of professionals that is breaking new ground in technology-oriented companies is called technology consultants. This profession deals with experts providing niche advice to a company which could be hardware or software-related, and which could help to streamline a company’s internal processes and so cut costs and increase overall efficiency. As we grow progressively into a technology-reliant world, technology consulting is also gaining ground as a profession with innumerable avenues and unimaginable scope.

Applications of technology consultants:

• When companies need the latest technological brains on a project which is not available in-house, it’s best to call in technology consultants.

• When a company is in major jeopardy, such as when it cannot meet a particular major performance benchmark, then it becomes absolutely necessary to call in the experts—technology consultants.

• When a company delays in reaching its products to the market or if the product is unable to satisfy its customers, a technology consultant is roped in to correct the problem.

For all these reasons, it is to a company’s financial advantage to hire a technology consultant who can use his expertise and save time and loss of face for the company which is struggling with a below par product or service.

Why hire a technology consultant:

• He’s an expert: A technology consultant obviously has technical expertise in a particular area that is required for a client’s specific project.

• He provides an objective opinion: If there are opposing technical opinions on a particular problem, it’s best to call in a third party who’s neutral enough to give the company his unbiased opinion.

• He focuses single-mindedly on a given problem: By doing this, he gives better results than an employee who is forced to juggle several roles and responsibilities simultaneously. Since he focuses only on this problem, he resolves it better and faster too.

• He can mentor employees to train as future consultants: If companies are keen to nurture in-house talent so that they become in-house consultants, they are best trained by external technology consultants. The consultant works closely with the employee and teaches him the nuances of consultancy very soon.

• He can fetch you a large ROI: By hiring a good technology consultant, a company can get a large ROI.

• He can help a business explore new growth areas: By doing this, he can also help companies reach out to a larger number of customers, suppliers, vendors and business partners.

• He can help a company take the maximum advantage of tech-oriented opportunities: A big plus point in favor of technology consulting is that it can help companies pursue the path of tech-oriented opportunities by introducing them to new perspectives which can help them realize new goals in new directions. They can therefore meet their business goals and take better decisions more responsively.

• He can increase a company’s business process efficiency: A business can tighten up its process efficiency by integrating its tech-oriented enterprise applications. This is best achieved by the mind of a technology consultant who is adept at executing the infrastructure of a business. For a company, making the right decision at the right time is crucial to its life and future development, with help that only a technology consultant can give.

Two Rules For Choosing The Best Poker Sites

One of the most debatable topics in online poker is about the quickest way to make money. However, many players think poker games on the net offer easy money, but fail to focus on the two most important elements of being able to consistently win poker matches, which is based on choosing the best websites for playing online poker.

This article is aimed at poker enthusiasts who want to learn about the best online poker sites platform on the web and explains in detail about the two most important rules about selecting the best sites (mainly those with softest opponents and highest tournament values and promo deals). So take a look below and remember to apply these two rules for choosing the best poker sites and you are sure to strike lucky sooner than you can think of!

If you take some time out to read reviews of online poker rooms, you can easily find out about the softness levels of games played in the internet casinos covered in them. However, since it is gaming software that these online poker games are designed on, which is likely to change, get upgraded or function different depending on your computer’s operating system and accessories you have downloaded on your computer, you can rest assured that the dynamics of your poker game will change also.

Also, since players on an internet poker site keep changing with new ones coming and older ones moving on to other sites, the site dynamics are likely to undergo constant and rapid change, which naturally reflects in the game results. Thus, making money from online poker is not as easy as certain people make it sound like. But, for smart FullTiltPoker.net card players who can determine where the best poker games online are, one simple but effective rule of thumb is to play at that have a high influx of players (which is the case with most new sites that have attractive promotional offers to lure beginner players) since most new hands at poker equals dead money. The lure of huge sign up bonus amounts offered at up and coming websites is a strong attraction for new players who haven’t had much experience and thus, the average player is not as strong as the regulars at established poker rooms. So, if you are an intermediate or strong poker player, you can head to these sites and not only avail the generous bonus amounts given at sign-up time, but also win best poker money by beating the new players.

Secondly, remember that it is the Weekend Offers, like Sunday-style tournaments hosted by big sites that can also offer great payouts. Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars are two best sites for Sunday poker games online that have a huge player base because their prizes for these once a week events are in 6 figures!! So, win a satellite during the week and secure a place for the Sunday poker game at the best sites; you are sure to hit the jackpot someday.

However, experts advise against sticking too long at these top sites if you happen to run into a losing streak since that will only end up causing you to lose the money you came here to make in the first place.

How To Spot Good Technology Consultants

If you’re in the market for one or two good technology consultants, you need to know just what to look for in these professionals and how to spot these skills and talents. So, which special characteristics of technology consultants make a difference to the fortunes of a client company? Here are some of them that you can use to benchmark your prospective technology consultants:

Characteristics of good technology consultants:

• They think in the long-term: An expert technology consultant always looks at the big picture in the long-term. They know from their experience that by looking at problems in the short-term, they might just be reactionary to their customers’ problems. This makes it difficult for them to plan anything in the long-term for their clients.

• Technology consultants are usually self-directed: You need to be someone who does not need to ask for directions often. Once a stated project objective has been discussed, you need to be able to chart your own course. This does not mean you are an unrestrained maverick, but that you can quickly analyze situations and know/understand when you need to go back for clarification and when and where you apply your own decision making and priorities to tasks and information needed to reach the project objective. Companies rarely want to pay to baby-sit a consultant.

• They update their skills continuously: The hallmark of good technology consultants is that they know the worth of updating their technical skills and knowledge of the latest trends, so that they are indispensable to their clients. They realize that educating themselves on the latest in their niche is the only way they can grow and be part of the consultancy business.

• They are good listeners and problem-solvers: When responding to customers’ problems, technology consultants make customers feel good about serving them and interacting with them. So, essentially, they are very good listeners to customers’ problems and being good problem-solvers, they are the right people to have in an emergency.

• They have very good interpersonal skills: Consultants usually have to interact with people at various levels in an organization, so it is necessary that a good consultant does not have a large ego which hampers intra-personnel communication.

• They have outstanding communication skills: By being good listeners, technology consultants take in what the customer says and communicates well with them about the problem at hand and offers workable solutions. He or she also works with difficult customers and explains the technicalities of a given problem. Their communication skills are often so good that they are able to put the client on the same wavelength as far as solving their problems are concerned.

• They have something valuable to offer your company: Successful consultants know their worth and believe in themselves very much. No matter how knowledgeable he is, he must understand that he is a service provider and that he is only as good as his client’s problems. So, it is necessary that he be humble and do the job at hand rather than blow his own trumpet. He must realize his priorities and work towards achieving it.

6 Easy Steps To Become An Information Technology Consultant

If you belong to a clique of information technology consultants, you’re obviously a hands-on man or woman of the technology industry. Professionals like you provide your specialized expertise to organizations to increase their internal resources, and help them move in new and uncharted territories. They also provide advice to companies to help them finish major projects. If you do want to be one of the many successful technology consultants, you must be able to demonstrate your success in this realm.

Here are five easy steps that can help you set up your space in the technology consultants’ space:

#1: Put together the financial and legal structure for your consultancy service: You might like to set up your own consultancy or join an existing technology consultancy. You will need to take the help of a CPA or a licensed business attorney to choose the kind of business company you should set up—whether a corporation or a limited liability company. He will also help you file the requisite documents with the government organization in charge of this and set up a bank account. You also need to know at the outset just what your risk levels are and protect yourself from any risks with the appropriate insurance.

#2: Define the scope of your niche: You know the market you’re in, so you know the scope of your niche. Still, if it needs further defining, this is the time to do it, so that clients know what to approach you for. The more well-defined your scope is, the more will clients want to seek your expertise.

#3: Make friends within your industry: As one of the many technology consultants, it is very necessary that you network with your peers who can help you with assignments and landing new and prestigious clients. Your peers can also help you with new trends in your niche and can also serve to be good references with professionals they know.

#4: Market your skills and services to potential clients: Focus on the clients who are looking for technology consultants with your skillset. Here’s where word-of-mouth advertising and networking play a stellar role in bringing in valuable clients to you. While waiting for really good clients to come along, you could take up the position of a columnist in a newspaper and write articles pertaining to your niche or use social media networks to project yourself as a high profile technology consultant.

#5: Keep abreast of the changes in your industry: If your information is dated, your clients will see this mile off. So, keep abreast of all the developments and trends in your industry so that you are considered a human mine of information in your niche area. Only then will you be sought after as one of the few excellent technology consultants.

#6: Set up a company website and blog: By setting up a website and an accompanying blog, you’re telling the world that you’re ready for some serious business. This will project you as an expert to reckon with. Write how-to articles in your area of expertise on your blog and host them to various important people in your industry.

Software for Poker Statistics

These days, poker can be played at the comfort of your own home thanks to the Internet and your PC; sure, you can still enjoy it with friends at your apartment’s den or, if you have some disposable income on hand, at the nearest brick-and-mortar casino. Nevertheless, many new poker players are easily turned off by poker in general, especially the online version, because these novices are more often than not used by veteran players as cannon fodder. Besides which, because of how easy it is to access poker online, more and more newer players will have to play against experienced players compared to before. In light of this development, is there a way for newbies to improve their poker game with the help of modern technology?

Poker Statistics Software

· Online Poker Statistics: The spread of online casinos and virtual poker rooms like GiochiPoker.it and PokerStars.it  need not be a detriment to an amateur player’s first experience in playing poker. In fact, novices can actually take advantage of these new technologies in order to improve their game by leaps and bounds. More to the point, modern-day allows players of all skill levels instant access to record and keep a handy list of their past poker results and actions so that they can examine it later on for improvement purposes. Built-in poker statistics software doesn’t only help novices conquer the steep learning curve of this game of chance; it also helps even experienced players in refining their playing style.

· Hand Histories: This handy feature of providing instant statistics and hand histories to anyone who plays online poker enables players to get a good idea of how well they’re playing, how much they’ve progressed after every bout, what their tendencies are, and so on. Indeed, having the ability to examine the betting in the hand, the face-up cards, any hands that are in the pot at the showdown, the dollar results of all participants in the hand, and all the other hands can be very useful in letting you know how to spot value as well as understand your good playing habits from your bad playing habits.

· Spotting Value: Incidentally, your ability to spot value can be developed by regularly examining your poker statistics, particularly your past hand histories. You can approximate the value of your hand depending on the poker game rules, your opponents, and the stakes. Furthermore, even if value is unknown during game play, you can still estimate them through your math skills, past experience, or by reviewing poker statistics. If taking a look at your past records can help you improve your game or your ability to spot value, then go for it.

· Poker Statistics Data Warehouses: If you’re really serious about compiling every last player statistic you can get out of a given web-based rooms to have a complete idea of your poker skill development, then you should look into getting some propriety software on the worldwide web that’s been specifically engineered to integrate all your hand histories, poker statistics, and other related information into a single database. By doing so, you’ll be able to examine your data in an advanced manner, such as comparing 10/20 games to 15/30 games and so forth. You just need to remember that examining your poker skill progression through a poker statistics data warehouse can never serve as a substitute to actually honing your skills by actually playing high-stakes professional poker.

Playing online poker can be a good way of learning and perfecting your skills

Poker is a card game that is popular all over the world and is played between two to ten players. Players can enjoy several varieties of poker including Texas Holdem poker, Omaha, 7 Card stud, 5 Card Draw and several others. Each of these games require a deck of standard 52 cards and in various games like lowball and Draw Poker, the joker can be used as an ace for completing a straight flush.

The goal in poker

The main goal for players in poker is winning the pot, the chips or the money that is used for placing bets and are kept in view right at the centre of the poker table. There are several different ways in which poker is played around the world today, as an entertainment game at home and as high profile tournaments. Several players today also love playing poker online. There are also many professional players that actually make their livelihood playing poker. This means that they would be required to treat it as a full time job, either through playing poker live or online.

There are a large number of online poker sites that are available free to beginners so that they can practice for free. Usually, these poker sites encourage the players to enjoy the benefits of online poker by offering them a poker download along with useful software free of charge. Several sites also offer tips and strategies for poker games which can be used by the players.

Playing online offers good benefits

Whenever a player plays poker online, he/she would definitely discover a few lessons that would generally not be available at the local card rooms or at the casinos like -->

How to play poker online and win good money

Millions of people online all over the world love playing poker, first for the fun it gives and also for the money they can make. This game is played with 52 cards, whether online or offline. It’s possible to make good money with online poker, thanks to modern technology. Technology also makes it easy for players to decide the kind of game they want to play, the limits, tournaments and bonuses.

Now that this game is legal in most countries, it’s best that you master the game before setting out to play in online poker rooms for money. Also learn how to use the right techniques and strategies appropriately so that you soon become a good player.

Here are some techniques to earn money when playing online:

Play just a few hands: The most valuable of all poker tips is not to play too many hands. In this game, you can win money, not hands. If you play many weak hands, you immediately stand out as a bad player. However, to win, it’s best to play several tight games, in fact, many more than your opponents.

Learn to fold: When you miss a flop, you must always fold. This increases your chances of playing a better game. If you play several hands in many pots simultaneously, they are usually speculative. If you don’t get a good flop, quit immediately or you’ll lose a lot of money just hoping to win.

Play an aggressive game: You must play aggressively, rather than passively. Practice folding and raising. The former refers to putting in little money into the pot when the odds are against you. However, raising refers to putting in as much money as you can when the odds are in your favor. Over time, you win money in this way, by playing tight and aggressive games and allowing your chips to go to the middle of the table when the going is good.

Watch your co-players: As you play more and more poker, you will realize it’s all about psychology. So, during play, don’t immerse yourself in your cards, but watch your co-players—see their reactions, look into their eyes and see the kind of hands they play. Do they fold a lot or raise more? If you make a mental note of such things, you can guess the cards your opponents are holding and determine why they are taking a particular action, rather than any other.

What’s your position? Position in a poker game is of utmost importance. In fact, the more late position you have, the more information you have and this can help you to see exactly why your opponents have chosen a particular action for a particular hand. From this, you can figure out the future course of the hand.

Position is also important in giving you the power to control a particular hand. To make the most amount of money when you’re in the last position, bet if your opponents don’t and if they do, raise.

A Different Game: The Case of Video Poker

The intersection of poker and technology has profoundly changed the nature of the game, far beyond facilitating online tournaments between players on opposite sides of the glob, or allowing players to carry out a game with virtual cards instead of real ones.

Here, we are talking about video poker, and online casino game that might be considered a hybrid of slots and Five Card Draw. In such games, a player is dealt five virtual cards, and must chose whether to keep this original hand, or try to improve it by substituting in new cards or even an entirely new hand.

So far, this looks very much like Five Card Draw. Where do the slots-like features come in? Well, each round of the game is short and self-contained. Also, the differences between various types of video poker games are rather superficial, involving the addition of bonus hands, bonus rounds, or multi-hand play. This is much like what happens when “new” slots games are invented: the basic structure of the game is very much the same, but more complex features are added on a relatively superficial level. “New” slots games tend to have more special symbols, video features, multi-line structures, etc., while still having the same basic features as a traditional fruit machine. The paying mechanism for both games are very similar: players bet a small amount of money (usually just a few tokens’ worth) for each round, but a great deal of money might be spent in one session, since, as we said before, players often go through a long string of rounds. Also, as in slots, it sometimes happens that players end up extending a session for much longer than they had planned—or going at a faster pace than they intended—and thus spending too much money. Slots are notorious for this phenomenon, and video poker games are rapidly catching up to them in reputation.

There is also the very isolated nature of video slots. Players sit alone in front of a video poker machine or computer. The “social” factor of traditional poker games simply becomes irrelevant. On the one hand, some players might find this experience boring and/or lonely. Then again, there will be those who will be rather relieved that they do not have to keep up a great “poker face,” or try to detect the poker tells of others. They can then focus on the more analytical, calculation-based aspects of playing poker.

We can therefore say that video poker is very, very different from traditional poker in general. It is no wonder, then, that you are highly unlikely to find video poker offered in online poker halls. Rather, you will have much better luck locating video poker in more general gambling sites—the best of which can boast dozens of different variants.

In addition, it is also likely that some players will greatly enjoy video poker but dislike traditional poker, or vice versa, so great is the divergence between these two types of playing experience. Therefore, if you have tried one, but not had a great time, give the other variant a chance. You just might surprise yourself, and discover an exciting new pastime.

How Technology is Changing Poker

Poker, or at least variations of the game that we now call poker, has been around for a long time. It is difficult to imagine that it is something that would ever change. However nothing is completely unchangeable, everything must evolve with the times and poker is not an exception to that rule. As technology changes, so does the game.

The thing that causes the game of poker to change more than anything is technology. The way technology can change the entire game has never been more obvious than it is right now.

The two things that have had a bigger impact on the game of poker than anything else are television and the internet.

Who could have guessed that simply televising a few big poker tournaments could completely change the world of poker? The truth is that it did. Previous to poker being played on ESPN and other television channels, most of the world did not have a very good opinion of poker. Lots of people thought that it was a shady game that was only played by crooks and degenerates. However television helped changed people’s perspective of the game and now, most professional poker players, especially the one who have won a couple of big tournaments, are being treated like celebrities.

The internet has also completely chanced PokerRockets.com. Before online casinos, poker was a social game. In order to play, people had to get out of their house and actually go to the game. Now that there are literally thousands of online casino’s people do not even have to change out of their pajamas. All they have to do is turn on the computer and log onto their favorite online casino and start playing.

Previous to online casinos a good poker player had to be able to read people. The really serious poker players would spend hours of their time simply watching people and learning how to read their faces and body language. The better the player got at reading people, the better able they were to read when a person was bluffing or when they were holding a good hand, the more likely the poker player was able to come out ahead when the game was though.

Playing online means that the ability to read a person’s face is no longer a factor. Today, in order to win, at least when are playing online, the person has to have a really strong understanding of the cards, and also needs to be able to predict how the other players are going to react. One of the things that many poker players who do most of their playing online are discovering is that while they might be winning all sorts of money on the computer, when they sit down for a real game, such as the World Series of Poker, they get soundly trounced because they lack the ability to read people.

Poker is not done evolving. Eventually some new form of technology will come along and the game, or at least the way it is played, will change some more. That is just one of the things that keep poker interesting.